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Welcome to North Polars Fastpitch

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2021 Fall Ball Tryouts: Tuesday August 3rd 6:00 pm McKnight Field. 

Please arrive 15 min early to get your daughter(s) checked in.



10U League Play Starts: Saturday August 21st

12U-16U League Play Starts: Sunday August 22nd

Week 2 10U League Play Saturday: August 28th

Week 2 12U-16U League Play Sunday: August 29th

September 4th- 5th: Off Labor Day Weekend

Week 3 10U League Play Saturday:September 11th

Week 3 12U-16U League Play Sunday: September 12th

Week 4 10U League Play Saturday September 18th

Week 4 12U-16U League Play Sunday: September 19th

10U One Day State Tournament Saturday September 25th 

12U-16U One Day State Tournament September 26th

Game days are double headers  12pm-1:30pm or 3pm-4:30pm

Fall Ball Registration

Registration closes July 30th.

2021 Spring Schedule



League Play: *No Games July 1st -5th 

12U- Starts May 10th, last game on June 21st *Game days Monday and Wednesday 

14U- Starts June 1st, last game on July 13th *Game days Tuesday and Thursday 


Tri County Dates:

June 25th-27th: 10U/12U Qualifier (Tri-County)

July 10th-11th: 10U/12U State Tournament 

July 16th -18th: 14U/16U State Qualifier * St. Paul at - Rice and Arlington Fields *14UB games start Friday. 

July 22nd- 25th : 12U NAFA Nationals *BERTH Required/Pending team decision 

July 24th-25th: 14U/16U State Tournament 

July 29th- August 1st: 14U NAFA Nationals *BERTH Required/Pending team decision

August 5th-8th: Monsta Championship *Not Guaranteed  

2021 Winter Chill Skills Clinic

2021 Winter Chill Skills Clinic

Next Board Meeting

 August 18, 2021 6:30
Location: NSP VFW 
All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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